Darinka Egri-Bayer

Darinka Egri-Bayer

Payroll Specialist


As the payroll specialist at Helpers,  I overview the comprehensive payroll services we provide to our Clients. I’m personally responsible for the monthly payroll of more than a hundred employees.

You can find me with any employment-related questions as I’m coordinating with our Clients and our external advisors as well. It is a privilege to work with our taxation-, labor- and social security experts who have great experience and do they work with excellence. Over the years I enjoyed many interesting cases our Clients brought to us and learned a lot from how they were handled by our team. This is just the job in which one cannot get bored.

I have an MA degree in social politics and I was trained afterward to become a payroll specialist. I’m also interested in labor legislation and keep being trained in this field.

I hope we can work together soon!

You can contact me in English or in Hungarian.