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Business planning in Hungary

Depending on what you need, our business planning service can include market research, planning of marketing, sales, finance, HR, risk and operational management. We can also help you elaborate on your idea and transform it to a solid, detailed and well-documented business plan. 

Our experience shows that investors with a well established business plan can get a company to a steady growing curve in the fraction of the time and cost. The more you know about your operation and your market, the more prepared you can be for the tasks and challenges of operating a business. Whether you are just starting a new business or you already have established procedures, business planning can help you better understand the market conditions, see opportunities, and react flexibly in all situations. 

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Planning is the key to success. If you know the market, the target customers, and the surroundings of the niche your business is set to fill, you can reach your goals with fewer detours, which saves you money – money you can allocate to your business growth.

Market research is more than just browsing the internet looking for “free” information. It is a structured and focused enquiry, concentrating on the sector and audience you want to target. To get reliable results, it requires expert planning, considering both your initial business goals and local business culture.